Message from the Faculty Director

Message from the Faculty Director

Guillaume Roels

Guillaume Roels

Faculty Director, Easton Technology Leadership Program

The Easton Technology Leadership Program will continue to offer a wide range of innovative courses on technology management, speaking series, workshops, panels and a mentorship program with technology-industry executives, in close collaboration with the High Tech Business Association. Many thanks to my predecessor, Charles Corbett, who started all these initiatives.

We look forward to helping you become technology leaders with an exciting broad portfolio of courses and program activities!

Current Topics

Given their success last year, we will expand our portfolio of seminar courses on “Current Topics: Emerging Technologies and Markets” to a total of six courses. In addition to the existing set of courses on “Healthcare Technology” (Winter 2015), “Mobile Technology” (Spring 2015), “Payment Technology” (Spring 2015), and “Intellectual Property for Technology Entrepreneurs and Managers” (Spring 2015), we have added two new courses on “Innovation in Media and Entertainment Using Technology” (Fall 2014) and on the “Innovation and Entrepreneurial Commercialization at UCLA” (Winter 2015).

Student Access

One of our goals this year is to expand access to Easton activities to all students who have an interest in technology, but who may not necessarily want to enroll in the certificate program. We, therefore, plan on making all Easton activities accessible to anyone who signs up for the Easton program, with no commitment of working toward the completion of a certificate.


Students working toward the completion of a certificate in Technology Leadership will have priority access to all Easton events, including the very popular seminar courses on “Emerging Technologies and Markets.” The certificate program provides students with a broad exposure to the rapidly transforming technology landscape and allows them to specialize in certain industry verticals.

Interest in technology continues to grow among students with technical and nontechnical backgrounds at UCLA Anderson, with over 400 F/E/MBA students joining the Easton program this year.”

Vandana Mangal
Easton Technology Leadership Program Executive Director