James Easton Receives UCLA Medal for 'Tireless Devotion' to University

Chancellor Gene Block presented the UCLA Medal, the university’s highest honor to an individual for extraordinary achievement, to James (Jim) L. Easton on May 8, 2014, at the Chancellor’s Residence. UCLA Anderson Dean Judy Olian nominated Easton for the medal. A top manufacturer of athletic equipment, Easton, who served as vice president of the International Olympic Committee and president of the World Archery Federation, has made extraordinary contributions to UCLA and the larger world.

From left: Marion Anderson, Chancellor Gene Block, Phyllis Easton, James Easton, Carol Block

The UCLA Medal is bestowed on those with exceptionally distinguished academic and professional achievements whose bodies of work or contributions to society illustrate the highest ideals of UCLA. Previous recipients include Nobel laureates, President Bill Clinton, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, basketball coach John Wooden, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun and astronaut Anna L. Fisher.

“What an honor to be among the ranks of such esteemed men and women, all talented leaders who have achieved so much,” said Easton in a statement. “I thank UCLA for the life-changing opportunities it afforded me and countless others. To be recognized with the UCLA Medal, the school’s highest honor, makes me very proud.”

Easton’s wife, Phyllis, said in a statement, “I’m thrilled for Jim. UCLA and the many talented people at UCLA have played such a significant role in his and our lives. We are deeply touched, and this recognition is certainly a highlight for us.

The UCLA Medal is a tribute not only to what Jim has accomplished, it’s a tribute to what he will — with resolve and determination — continue to accomplish.”

Beyond his extraordinary philanthropic legacy, Jim has collaborated with our faculty to develop an important program that addresses a real void in management education. We’re especially indebted to Jim for his vision and leadership at the school.”

Dean Judy Olian
Jonn E. Anderson Chair in Management

Easton Launches the Easton Technology Fellows Program with High Tech Business Association

Up to six Easton Technology Fellows will be selected each year. Fellows have the charter of advancing technology initiatives at UCLA Anderson and spurring the connection between Easton, UCLA Anderson alumni in the technology sector and the external tech community. Class of 2014 Founding Fellows are Ashley Mallinson, Kate Edwards, Angela Hsiao, Gregory Paige, Bo Pulito and Zak Stern.

Easton Sends Out Call for Faculty Grants

Easton Technology Leadership Program sends out a call for UCLA Anderson faculty grant proposals to support research related to Easton’s objectives.

Easton Launches Tech-focused Blog

Easton launched a new blog as a tool for following tech trends and activities. Learn about “Will Mobile Payments Finally Take Off With the Introduction of Apple Pay™?” by instructor Lori Van Deloo; “Microsoft and Nokia, a Deal Between Giants in Need That Is Shaking Up the Industry” by Professor Uday Karmarkar; “So You Want to Get Into the App Business” by Mitch Halpin (’15); “A New Way to Avoid Lines at Disneyland” by Becky Ho (’15); and “Old Tech, Huge Impact: A Look at How Technology Is Transforming East Africa” by John Mar (’14).

With the financial and resource support from Easton, the student body at UCLA Anderson was able to host the first annual joint tech and entrepreneurship conference on campus last spring (2014). This all-day event had more than 500 attendees from the venture, tech and entrepreneurship communities in both L.A. and the Bay Area. The Easton Technology Leadership Program was critical to the success of the event.”

Bo Pulito (’14)