Easton Echo

The mission of the Easton Technology Leadership Program is to develop technology leaders through academic excellence and industry exposure.

About Our Program


Today’s students are high tech focused, and this popular program exposes them to the rapidly transforming technology landscape across different verticals, such as high tech, manufacturing, defense, health care, education, entertainment and media, and retail and financial services — from startups to large corporations.

Established in 2009 through a grant from James and Phyllis Easton, the program leverages UCLA Anderson students’ technology focus and entrepreneurial drive, its faculty’s academic excellence, and its Alumni & Industry Professionals’ experience in the technology sector.

I saw UCLA Anderson as the perfect place to help tackle the problem of raising leaders who are as savvy about science and technology as they are about business and management.”

James L. Easton, (B.S. ’59)
Chairman and CEO of Jas. D. Easton Inc.