UCLA BIT Network

The UCLA BIT is a global community of IT/IS, e-commerce and information economy professionals at UCLA's Anderson School of Management, in collaboration with leading academic institutions from around the world.

All CIOs and IT Heads participating in the BIT study have the option of becoming members of uclaBIT Network. Members of the network will have access to our survey results (which are published as a book), and can request our sector studies, publications, and trend analyses. They will be invited to all our events and will be able to participate in our discussion and chat groups. The network currently has about 500 members in the United States and Canada.

This community's objective is to serve as a hub for information and networking in a fluid and unpredictable business world. It will support networking and exchange of ideas among professional participants in industries and academia with on-line communications,conferences and symposia, organized at locations around the world. The BIT Project website will facilitate this process of communication by means of Discussion Groups and Chat Sessions. The BIT Team holds Conferences and Networking Sessions to which all uclaBIT members are invited.

To join the network, send in a nomination to BIT@anderson.ucla.edu


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