Video Clips

Service Industrialization and the Global Information Economy, 2007
Uday S. Karmarkar, LA Times Professor of Technology & Strategy and Director BIT Global Research Network
UCLA Anderson School of Management

What emerging technologies show most promise for commercial development?, 2007
Robert Foster, Adjunct Professor and Director Global Access Program (GAP)
UCLA Anderson School of Management

Business Imperatives for Information Technology, July 2005
David Moschella, Global Research Director, Research & Advisory Services, Computer Sciences Corporation

Technology and the Agile Enterprise, July 2005
Mohan Sawhney, McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology, Kellogg School, Northwestern University

Framework for Four Emerging Technology Trends, July 2005
Jim Spohrer, Director, Almaden Services Research, IBM

Delivering Global Services, July 2005
Michael Intriligator, Professor, Economics, Political Science & Public Policy, UCLA

Easton Technology Management Center