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MEMES Summer Institutes
June 23 - August 1, 2014
Your career in Entertainment, Music and Sports
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The entertainment, music, and sports business is complex and constantly changing. The MEMES Summer Institutes will help you develop an understanding of the industry and give you the tools to jump start your career!
What we offer:
Our 6-week program prepares you to understand the world of entertainment, music and sports. Through classes taught by seasoned industry executives and real world internship experience, you will learn how the business works and issues it faces.
All students enroll in the Business of Entertainment, Media & Sports class where topics include marketing, finance, and intellectual property.
You will also enroll in the industry track of your choice, to provide more of an in-depth understanding of your specific career interest.
  •  Lights, Camera, Business: TV & Film Industry
  •  Music Industry in the Digital Age
  •  Sports Marketing & Management
  •  Social Media & Digital Communications
All students are assigned internship projects with leading companies providing practical application of what is being taught in class.
Leading industry executives visit in class as guest speakers, offering unique insights on the industry.
Taught at UCLA Anderson, academic credit is available for UC and non-UC Students
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All students enroll in the business of
entertainment, media & sports then choose a specified track:
Lights, Camera, Business: A Primer on the Film and Telelvision Industry
Examining the structure of traditional media and entertainment companies and their business models and to focus better on the roles over time of influential drivers in the industry’s value chain, the core of this track focuses on what our media and entertainment enterprises look like today, what they may be like in the future and why. Ultimately, the course will examine the driving changes that will transform these experiences as businesses.
Sports Marketing & Management
This course values and emphasizes real world experience, providing students with insights that only industry professionals and insiders can offer. Classes include lectures with some of the sports industries most preeminent and influential individuals.
Social Media & Digital Marketing
With the prevalence of social media, many businesses have started to incorporate some of the basics by adding a Facebook page or a twitter handle, but are at a loss to prove how its affecting the bottom-line. This course is intended for students who want to go beyond the basics to learn how to apply social media to get concrete business results.
Music Industry in the Digital Age
The primary objective of this course is to provide students with comprehensive exposure to the significant topics facing the Music Industry in the Digital Age, with a primary focus on the YouTube Effect. Through class lectures, class discussions, guest speakers and team learning opportunities, students will be exposed to multiple major topics affecting the music business.
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