Student Success

UCLA Anderson media, entertainment, and sports students have unparalleled access to powerhouse companies and a diverse industry network. Additionally, students benefit from a range of clubs and specialized programs, exclusive to the school. Because of these comprehensive offerings, students leave Anderson well prepared to thrive in a dynamic and changing industry.


Entertainment Management Association (EMA) and Sports Business Association (SBA)

The student-run Entertainment Management Association and the Sports Business Association play active roles in planning of an annual conference and organizing a variety of industry-focused events on and off campus. Working closely with the Center for MEMES and Parker Career Management Center, both clubs regularly organize events that enable students to interact with industry leaders and alumni, including:

  • Annual UCLA Anderson Media, Entertainment & Sports Conference
  • Entertainment Career Night and Sports Business Career Night
  • Los Angeles and New York Company Treks
  • Alumni Mentoring Programs
  • Executive Speakers Series
  • Industry Education Workshops
UCLA MEMES Entertainment Management Association and the Sports Business Association Club Company Treks

EMA and SBA Career Nights

The EMA and SBA annual industry career nights are designed for students to connect with companies and executives, gain insights about roles and explore career internship and full-time career opportunities.



EMA and SBA organize Day-on-the-Job events, which are onsite visits to companies. During the school year, organized treks to L.A.-area companies are offered, and in January of each year, Anderson students go to the East Coast for the NYC/Tri-State Trek and to the Bay Area for the San Francisco/Silicon Valley Trek.

The UCLA Anderson MEMES Center's EMA and SBA student clubs partner with Parker Career Management to organize visits to companies for recruiting and relationship-building.
UCLA Anderson's Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring Program

First- and second-year media, entertainment, and sports students are paired with an alumni mentor. The mentoring program is designed to help students build their industry knowledge and shape career strategy.


101 Industry Workshops

In the fall, the EMA and SBA program a series of workshops for students exploring careers in the media, entertainment and sports industry. The sessions feature executives who are working in different sectors of the industry and provide an overview of the business, functions and potential career paths.


MEMES Workshops

A series of workshops offered during the year focusing on building technical skills and important industry knowledge.

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