The Big Data Conference

Easton Technology Management Center & Center for MEMES present


NOVEMBER 18, 2016

8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

but when do you actually see it? Big data, in its short history, has become synonymous with unlocking the truth in business. And where the truth prevails against expectations, you will witness disruption.

This one-day interactive conference, organized by the Easton Center and the Center for MEMES at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, brings together a cross section of industry experts and academic thought leaders who are shaping and defining the conversation around big data.

The theme of the annual Big Data Conference this year is Disruption. Big data technology, content and marketing innovations are driving disruption in all sectors, most explicitly media and entertainment. Other sectors impacted by big data include health care, financial services, retail and agriculture. Big data technology is resulting in the creation of new products and services and, often, new businesses, such as streaming music and content services. It is allowing for more effective targeting of content and marketing micro-targeting. Content across devices is becoming optimized and the distribution of content is changing. In fact, entire value chains of sectors are becoming disrupted by big data technology deployments.


  • How big data technology deployment has disrupted businesses and entire sectors
  • New technology deployments that are helping maximize business impact for big data technology solutions
  • Content: How content is being delivered in new ways such as "over the top"; entire traditional content businesses that are being disrupted by high-growth companies such as Netflix; how new forms of content are being created as a result
  • Marketing: How content is being more effectively targeted to key segments; how new technologies are supporting the marketing and advertising of content such as pricing

Whether you are providing technology solutions, using big data to make business decisions or thinking through the future of entertainment and media, this is the one conference you need to attend!

Confirmed Speakers


Keith Chen
Head of Economic Research, Uber

Keith Chen is a tenured associate professor of economics at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. His research blurs traditional disciplinary boundaries in both subject and methodology, bringing unorthodox tools to bear on problems at the intersection of economics, psychology and biology.

In early work examining the evolutionary origins of economic behavior, he has shown that when monkeys are taught to use money, they display many of the hallmark biases of human economic behavior, suggesting that some of our most fundamental biases are evolutionarily ancient.

Professor Chen's most recent work focuses on how people's economic choices are influenced by the structure of their language. His work has shown that how a person's language encodes future events influences future-oriented behaviors as diverse as saving, smoking and safe sex.

Professor Chen also advises numerous companies on topics at the intersection of behavioral economics, business strategy, product design and dynamic pricing. He currently serves as head of economic research for Uber, where, among other projects, he designed Uber's "surge" pricing model.

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Matt Hersh ('08), Head of Business Development, Factual

Andrew Parker (UCLA PhD '10), Senior Data Scientist, Netflix


Who should attend

This conference is for executives who are either providing technology solutions for their organization or using data analytics to make business decisions across all functional areas.

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