Teams will be divided into two groups to facilitate the negotiations portion of the competition. Teams will be assigned as A teams or B teams at the time of the case distribution (on January 17, 2014). In addition, the case competition will have portions that offer variance for teams to offer creative and innovative ideas, but also guardrails in place for teams to have an effective negotiation.

Competition Rounds:

Round 1: Client ConsultingTeams will act as consultants to the client presenting facts, research, and recommendations for the problem at hand. Teams will be assessed based on their presentation, research, and analytical thinking skills.

Round 2: NegotiationTeams will negotiate on behalf of the client to finalize an operational terms agreement. Teams will be assessed based on their preparation, understanding of the problem, and performance during the negotiation.

Deliverables:The case materials will be emailed to teams on Friday, January 17, 2014.

Round 1: Client ConsultingTeams will be submitting via email a PowerPoint presentation on February 3, 2014, which will be used for a 15 minute presentation briefing the “client” on the key questions on the day of the competition (February 8, 2014). Teams should be prepared for additional Q&A and guidance before entering the negotiation for Round 2.

Round 2: NegotiationTeams will negotiate with another team on operational issues tied to the larger case issues. There are no written deliverables for the round, but team are expected to be prepared and will be judged on preparation and performance.