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Innovative technologies, expanded distribution, limitless content and fragmented audiences have transformed the media landscape and disrupted traditional business models.

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Television Reinvented

In the past ABC, NBC and CBS were "The Big 3" in the world of television networks, but we live in a new world of content consumption. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu produce the water cooler programming of today (House of Cards, Alpha House, The Awesomes). Why are the platforms moving into content creation? What role does original and exclusive content play in the fight for market share? Are subscription services the new network bundle?

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  • Field Garthwaite, CEO // IRIS TV
  • Ziba Kaboli-Gerbrands, Director, Content Acquisition // Roku
  • Morgan Wandell, Head of Drama Television // Amazon Studios
  • Moderator: Dustin Goot ('12), Director Influencer + Marketing Programs // Fullscreen

2014 UCLA Anderson Media, Entertainment and Sports ConferenceMobile Mania

With smart phone penetration projected to be 75 percent in 2017 and mobile advertising expected to grow from $13 B in 2013 to $42 B over the next four years, mobile is quickly becoming the hottest platform for marketers to engage audiences and publishers to grow revenue. In this session, learn the latest trends in mobile advertising, innovative content platforms (e.g. mobile processing), app usage and monetization, and the best strategies for brands to engage and deliver ROI.

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  • Michelle Fisher, CEO & Founder // Blaze Mobile
  • Matt Kress (FEMBA '15), Co-founder & CEO // Tempus Gaming
  • Tarun Malhotra, VP Mobile Technology // Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online
  • Jon Mantell ('04), VP Digital Products & Video // CBS Interactive
  • Maria Pacheco, Sr. Director of Marketing, Global Interactive // DreamWorks Animation
  • Moderator: Joe Chard, Sr. Product Manager, Mobile // Warner Bros. Interactive

Music in the Digital Age

The options for consuming music are expanding rapidly. Streaming platforms offer unlimited access to more than 20 million songs while apps can deliver customized playlists based on location and mood. Music enthusiasts seem well served, but most of these services have yet to connect with a mainstream audience. What features is the mainstream audience looking for? What do artists and rights holders stand to benefit? How will these changes affect the balance of power in the industry? This panel discusses these questions and more about the future of music.

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  • Creighton Burke, VP Mobile // AEG Live/AXS
  • Matt LaMotte, Marketing Director // Interscope Records
  • Moderator: Nahshon Craig, Adjunct Faculty // Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

2014 UCLA Anderson Media, Entertainment and Sports ConferenceSports Technology: The New Fan Experience

The sports industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution. New tools and devices are making it possible to capture the details of every movement on the field or the court. The implications for improving athlete performance are evident, but how can this data enhance the experience of fans? This panel will focus on how proprietary data can be used to engage audiences both inside the arena and out. It will seek to determine what platforms maximize the value of the data, and explore the devices being developed to capture the data.

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  • Jim Guthrie ('08), Sr. Manager Consulting // Wasserman Media Group
  • Bill Sanders ('98), Sr. Vice President // PMK-BNC
  • Roger Wood, Co-founder & Lead Designer // OnBeep
  • Moderator: Ben Fischer, Sr. Product Manager, Sports Data and Marketing Tools // AEG

Millenials Panel at the 2014 UCLA Media, Entertainment, and Sports ConferenceCapturing the Hearts & Minds of Millennials

Millennials represent a $200 billion opportunity - and they are consuming media like no other generation before them. How can media executives, content creators, and lifestyle brands reach the minds (and wallets) of this tech-savvy demographic? With consumer engagement measured in Likes and Tweets, which social media platform will ultimately capture the millennials' heart? What do their viewing habits tell us about the future of content consumption and distribution? What are the big media trends to watch among millennials, and which device (or devices of the future) will succeed in bridging the gap between advertisers and millennial consumers?

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  • Terry City, VP West Coast // BuzzFeed
  • Keith Clinkscales, CEO // Revolt Media & TV
  • Jenna Seiden ('01), VP Distribution & Strategic Partnerships, Global Business Development // Maker Studios
  • Moderator: Kate Christensen (FEMBA '14) // Digital Media Executive

The Future: What's New, What's Trending and Just Around the Corner

Sienna Bann 2014 UCLA Anderson Media, Entertainment and Sports ConferenceWe are through the gateway to a world in which algorithms curate content, everyone has access everywhere and distributors are scrambling to win viewers around the globe. The shifting paradigms not only create opportunities for new players in the market, but also increase pressure on traditional studios and media companies to innovate or gradually slip away. What are competitors doing to stay ahead of the curve? How are they collaborating or combatting the traditional powerhouses of entertainment? Our panelists will expound on this changing landscape and share insights about future opportunities.

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  • Howard Ballon, GM Media & Entertainment // Networked Insights
  • Chris Buchanan, Director, Partnerships & Operations Group // Samsung Electronics, Open Innovation Center
  • Douglas Gardner, VP Finance & Operations // Factorymade Ventures
  • Moderator: Sienna Bann ('11), Associate Director, Digital Media Business Development // E! Entertainment

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