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The 2013-2014 MEMES INSIGHTS WORKSHOP series Create, Captivate & Engage With Big Data explores how new data-driven capabilities are giving media and entertainment companies the tools to unlock insights about their audience, boost their businesses and anticipate the dynamic industry changes to come.

Presented in partnership with MEMES' knowledge partner, Teradata, the invite-only events provide an opportunity to share and learn how analytics are shaping the future of business from preeminent faculty from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, industry insiders and technology visionaries.

Los Angeles Event Highlights

UCLA Anderson School of Management Center for MEMES Big Data Conference in Los Angeles In partnership with Teradata, MEMES launched this first-of-a-kind workshop on the Anderson campus in May 2013. Attendees learned that as content creators and distributors navigate the changes in the content-distribution landscape, understanding and exploiting the critical role of analytics is imperative. New data-driven capabilities give companies across the content value chain the ability to unlock insights about their audiences, boost their businesses and anticipate future industry dynamics.

Presentations from this daylong workshop included conversations and presentations from Facebook, Teradata, UCLA Anderson Professors Sanjog Misra and Dominique Hanssens, Marketshare Partners and many others.

New York Event Highlights

UCLA Anderson School of Management Center for MEMES Big Data Conference in New York In response to popular demand, Teradata and MEMES teamed up again to advance the Big Data dialogue, this time in the Manhattan headquarters of world-renowned advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in October 2013. Discussions from this event illustrated how the data-driven revolution is fueling accelerated challenges and opportunities for media companies, their clients and competitors. Advertising pioneer Shelly Lazarus, Chairman Emeritus at O&M, made a special appearance and shared her perspective on how agencies must adapt to stay ahead the curve. In addition to esteemed UCLA faculty presentations, this workshop featured conversations with CBS Corp., News Corp Publishing, Time Warner Cable, A&E Television Networks and Teradata Aster among others.

Our Knowledge Partners



Teradata and UCLA Anderson are partners in research and data analysisTeradata is a global leader in analytic data platforms, marketing, analytic applications and consulting services. UCLA Center for MEMES and Teradata have strategically partnered on a long-term initiative focusing on the value of data analytics. The partnership includes sponsorship of a series of MEMES Insights Executive Workshops that shares innovative ideas and sparks executive conversation around Why Big Data Matters.

"MEMES has an outstanding faculty team with in-depth marketing and strategic insights and the analytical foresight to challenge status quo and forge ahead. We consider MEMES to be an integral part of our team."

-Mary E. Gros, Teradata Corporation

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