Global Access Program (GAP)

The Global Access Program (GAP) serves as a change-agent for students and corporations alike. This six-month mandatory field study project pairs teams of final year Fully Employed MBA students with international technology companies. Each team is tasked with researching the potential for new foreign market penetration on behalf of its client. The new market entry strategy s backed with a tremendous amount of primary and secondary research. The average team conducts more than 100 first-person interviews with key stakeholders in the new marketplace. Over the six months, students work closely with top management to identify market drivers, limitations and opportunities. The teams ultimately develop an investment-quality business plan, present their findings before a panel of experts, and give their client the data and confidence to make the optimal decision.

GAP was founded in 1998 and has since worked with 539 international technology companies in 19 countries and generated more than $200 million in direct investment. This summer GAP welcomed to campus 50 companies from seven countries for the GAP Company Launch.

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