Global Conferences

The Center for Global Management works with many different UCLA Anderson student clubs to organize annual conferences focused on key geographic regions of the world. Prominent and impactful guest speakers, including many UCLA Anderson alumni, come to campus to participate in these conferences that provide a platform to build networks, exchange ideas and understand the trends, opportunities and challenges of doing business in and with the respective regions. The conferences also draw upon the expertise and knowledge of faculty from UCLA Anderson and across campus who are actively engaged and participate in these conferences. During the past two years, conferences were held that focused on Greater China, Latin America, Africa and India. 

Wilbur K. Woo Greater China Business Conference

We are in a challenging environment for U.S.-China cross-border business and investment. Yet many companies are experiencing success in both directions. Which sectors are most favored by Chinese investors? What strategies should companies in target sectors adopt to capitalize on the trends and promote Chinese investment? Do you want to better understand the impact of China's influence on your business? What are the growth industries for U.S. companies in China? What issues do U.S. companies face when investing in China? The conference provides a platform to learn from, and network with successful and influential cross-border investors and business leaders and hear their experiences and lessons learned from engaging in cross-order investment and how they have overcome hurdles that others were unable to overcome; and learn successful strategies for mitiagting issues, increasing effectiveness and optimizing operations in facilitating cross-border growth and expansion. Visit the 2014 conference web site >> 


Latin American Business Conference

In the last few decades, Latin America has made great advancements in both political and economic stability. The region is led by two global powerhouses, Brazil and Mexico, but emerging economies including Peru, and Colombia are expected to rise in the ranks of the global economy in the years to come. With this economic growth has come governmental challenges. Social and economic inequality persists throughout Latin America, presenting multifaceted issues for both domestic and foreign investors to consider. The LABA Conference brings together respected leaders across multiple industries in Latin America to explore some of the critical economic, financial and social issues facing the region, and address the overall macroeconomic trends that must be considered when doing business in Latin America. Visit the 2014 conference web site >> 


India Conference

As India moves towards a new economic order with market oriented reforms in areas such as foreign direct investment in the retail sector, power trading exchanges and deregulation of commodities, there are high growth expectations for the country's economy as well as great opportunities among the global business and investment communities. The India Conference reviews how this new economic order will provide businesses around the world opportunities to participate more easily in India's burgeoning economic growth, enter its markets and serve its 1.3 billion strong population. Visit the 2013 conference web site >>


Africa Growth Conference

Are you looking to start a new, or expand a current business venture in Africa? What are Africa's fastest growing economies and what makes Africa so attractive? Do you want to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with investing in and doing business with Africa? The Africa Growth Conference discusses the trends shaping Africa's growth, and addresses how businesses can position themselves to take advantage of the growing opportunities of the continent. Visit the 2013 conference web site >>