International Management

Students who are interested in an international management career are encouraged to take electives that offer in-depth exposure to international business practices, culture, and language. In addition, we recommend electives that provide additional depth in the areas of finance, accounting, marketing and operations. To further differentiate themselves from the standard set of MBA skills, students are encouraged to select an alternative kind of Applied Management Research (AMR) project, for example in Micro Finance or Social Entrepreneurship. Recently, the opportunities for alternative AMR projects have strongly increased.

Elective course offerings are subject to change; courses identified with an asterisk are not expected to be offered in the current academic year.

Strongly Recommended Electives Other Suggested Electives
International Business Economics (205A) Corporate Financial Reporting (220)
International Financial Markets (234A) Management Accounting (222)
Global Operations Strategy (240G) Taxation and Mgmt. Decisions (227)
International Political Economy (253)* Financial Statement Analysis (228)
Global Marketing Management (261B) Great Ideas in Management (298D)*
International Business Management (296A)* Key Regions/Critical Issues (298D)*
International Business Strategy (297B) Managerial Model Building (407)
Business & Economy in Emerging Markets (297E)
Global Economy (406)
Anderson Language Electives (Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish)
International AMR Project
UCLA (Non-Anderson) electives
International Institutions & Globalization (Political Sciences)
Integrated Markets (Economics)
International Geography