Whether you choose to start your own company, or work in someone else's; buy a business, or return to the family firm, entrepreneurial career paths come in all shapes and sizes. When you take the plunge and how you acquire the skills are up to you; there is no one right path. In each instance, a successful entrepreneur must be able to identify and assess potential opportunities and environments; acquire key resources - financial, managerial, technical, etc. - necessary to pursue the opportunity; develop strategies to generate market interest; and simultaneously manage organizational operations, transitions and growth. The recommended entrepreneurial course offerings provide knowledge and perspective about entrepreneurial processes. A carefully articulated internship and appropriately selected field study (AMR Project), designed to complement student interest, complete the suggested course of study.

Elective course offerings are subject to change; courses identified with an asterisk are not expected to be offered in the current academic year.

Strongly Recommended ElectivesOther Suggested Electives
Topics in Business Law (224)Selected Topics in Business Econ.: Doing Deals (209)
Managing & Financing the Emerging Enterprise (231E)Financial Statement Analysis (228)
Managing Entrepreneurial Operations (240E)Venture Capital & Private Equity (235)
Managing Entrepreneurial Organizations (284C)Marketing Research: Design & Evaluation (264A)
Entrepreneurship & Venture Initiation (295A)New Product Development (266A)
Business Plan Development (295D)Leadership, Motivation & Power (285A)
Global Economy (406)Managerial Interpersonal Communications (285B)
Internship in Organizations (454)Small Business Management (295B)
 Corporate Entrepreneurship (295C)