Operations Consulting

This career path is designed for students interested in consulting to improve operations in a variety of firms in the services (entertainment/media, information and financial) and manufacturing (both conventional and high technology) sectors. The operations management function has become increasingly important as firms focus on cost, flexibility, quality, productivity, and responsiveness to changing market conditions in order to compete successfully in today's global markets. While consulting encompasses many specific tasks and requires broad functional knowledge, there is an increased need and appreciation of the usefulness of operations consulting. This career path provides the strategic and analytical skills needed to thrive in the operations consulting environment.

Elective course offerings are subject to change; courses identified with an asterisk are not expected to be offered in the current academic year.

Strongly Recommended Electives Other Suggested Electives  
Managing Service Operations (240A)*Financial Statement Analyis (228)
Supply Chain Management (240F) 

Technology Strategy and Industry Dynamics  (298D) 

Global Operations Strategy (240G)

Managing Processes in the Information  Age (298D)*

Technology Management (241A) 
Managerial Model Building (407)