Marketing Consulting

Consultants specializing in marketing should be prepared to assist their clients on all aspects of the planning, organization, and implementation of the marketing mix. Clients will seek expertise and assistance in understanding their customers and markets, assessing competition, evaluating new products, setting pricing strategy, managing distribution and sales channels, and optimizing marketing communications activities. Strong analytical skills and a keen interest in bringing quantitative analysis to the solution of marketing problems is typically associated with success.

Elective course offerings are subject to change; courses identified with an asterisk are not expected to be offered in the current academic year.

Strongly Recommended ElectivesOther Suggested Electives

Statistical Methods in Management (213B)
Management in the Distribution Channels (261A)
Global Marketing Management (261B)
Price Policies (262)
Marketing Research: Design & Evaluation (264A)
Managerial Model Building (407)

Financial Statement Analysis (228)
Supply Chain Management (240F)
Project Management (241B)*
New Product Development (266A)
Managerial Interpersonal Communications (285B)
Business Plan Development (295D)
Strategic Organizing for Consultants (298D)*
Global Economy (406)