404 - Information Systems

Faculty: Not offered in 2007-2008

This course introduces the student to information systems (IS) from the perspective of the general manager. Broadly defined, information systems address the application of modern information technology -- digital computing and communications-- to human organizations and their management. Today, IS comprises a crucial functional area of most businesses, with important linkages throughout the enterprise. Understood most basically, information systems provide the business logic and data associated with the firm’s everyday business processes. They provide the foundations for engaging in electronic business and commerce. Without question, a basic understanding of IS is indispensable to those who would lead organizations in the new information economy. The course is organized to appeal to all MBA students who do not already have a substantial background in IS, whether they are technically skilled in hands-on computing or not. It seeks to motivate every student to both broaden and deepen his or her current familiarity with information systems. This particular offering of the course is further designed to appeal to those students interested in entrepreneurship, in that it offers the opportunity to envision the information systems required to support a new business.

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