298D - Technology Strategy and Industry Dynamics

Faculty: Rumelt, R.

This course deals with strategic issues in the context of innovation, technological change, and dynamic industry settings. Although its focus is on technology and innovation, it is a good way to further develop your skills in strategy and competitive analysis. Many of the strategy issues we shall deal with in this course are present in non-technologically intensive situations; technology tends to quicken the pace of change and increase the cost of misjudgment.

There are two key issues addressed in this course: the evolution of technologies and the evolution of competitive industries. Each, by itself is a complex subject. In the real world, these two phenomena interact---technology and industry each affecting the other. The objective of the course is to develop your skill at working with these issues.

Students who will benefit most from this course are those who will be involved in management positions in technology-intensive firms and those who anticipate that they will have to analyze or evaluate technology-intensive or especially dynamic firms and industries.

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