298D - Managing Processes in the Information Age

Faculty:  Not offered in 2007-2008

The US has become an information economy. Information systems are no longer the responsibility of IT departments but are integrated into all aspects of the business thereby moving the function from staff to line. New business models are evolving to succeed in the information economy. Organizational structures are changing as are relationships with partners and customers. Value chains are transforming and new distribution channels have emerged. Business processes are changing and outsourcing/off shoring is becoming widely accepted. Changes may threaten not just a firm’s competitiveness but also its survival. Business executives bear an enormous burden as they attempt to understand the challenges and opportunities provided by twenty-first century technologies in order to make intelligent decisions. Having the knowledge to make such decisions is what this course is all about.

The course content is relevant for managers at all stages of their careers. Its value becomes clear when a fresh MBA is asked questions like: “Should this company outsource? If so, which business processes should be outsourced” or “Identify areas where IT could be used to significantly improve business performance in the organization?” This course is primarily for students interested in pursuing management careers in information intensive industries.

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