298D - Advanced Strategy: Non-Market Competition

Faculty:  de Figueiredo, J.

This course focuses on the strategic management of the non-market environment from the view of managers and consultants. By examining the non-market environment from the perspective of issues, interests, and institutions, 298D focuses on developing frameworks that allow managers to analyze the non-market environment and practicing the deployment of those frameworks in the development of effective non-market strategies. Three sets of topics are considered:

  • anticipating and managing of non-market issues
  • non-market strategies in governmental arenas, and
  • non-market strategies for globalization and international business.

The course finds its disciplinary roots in economics, political science, and law, while also touching on sociology and psychology. In relying on these disciplines, the course pursues an integrated approach to the analysis and development of non-market strategy. The tools and skills developed in this course help us to identify patterns of behavior and outcomes, ways of thinking about those patterns and outcomes, methods of analysis that facilitate understanding and prediction, and, ultimately, the shaping of strategies to improve business performance.

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