285A - Leadership, Motivation and Power

Faculty: Culbert, S.

This course is based on the assumption that a deep understanding of human nature, demystified for convention and social niceties, is essential in your consideration of the theories that underlie your leading, motivating, and exerting hierarchical authority at work. It is also based on the assumption that avoiding self-deception requires personal assessment and knowledge of the historical and psychological reasons that underlie your stylistic proclivities. Thus, this course comes with the following objectives: 1. To use the Mind-Set Management perspective to demystify what takes place at work and to expose you to the Culbert and McDonough view of human nature, personal style, and how people think and operate when working with others. 2. To get you to reveal and identify your own personal orientations when leading, influencing and interacting with others and the positive actions you take when being your most effective self. We also want you to identify what you do and why you do it when you are in a less effective mode. We want you to reflect on your style, specifically and precisely, to examine its origins. We want you to consider the appeals you find most persuasive when going out to influence others as well as the ones that, when others use them, are sure to turn you off. In short, we want to know when you are at your best as well as the circumstances you find most frustrating that have the potential to bring out your worst.3. To gain your consideration about how organizational systems and conventionally used management paradigms lead to misguided behavior at work.

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