240E - Managing Entrepreneurial Operations

Faculty: Corbett, C.

Taken from the perspective an entrepreneur operating her/his business, that is, integrating strategy, marketing, human resources, finance and production, the overall objective of the course is to develop, in the nascent entrepreneur, the insights and approaches required to structure and come to grips with messy, real world operating problems. Given these tools, the entrepreneurial manager will be capable of developing meaningful analyses and an understanding of the dynamics of the situation facing her/him – at whatever stage of the business. The desired end result is to prepare the student to be an effective, powerful manager. In short, a manager whose business perspective is as broad as her/his analytical skills are deep and one where both are effectively integrated by a sensitivity to the various currents and forces in her/his business’ operating environment. By the same token, the course will deepen an understanding of the risks and critical success factors, found in operating entrepreneurial endeavors, for those students who plan careers on the other side of the table as lenders, investors or consultants. Specifically, this course will be an exploration of the issues and problems facing the entrepreneur in operating her/his business. The topics to be addressed will be: the impact of pre-start-up decisions on operations; the problems (and opportunities) encountered during start-up; the operating stresses created by success, i.e., rapid growth; and, finally, the process of managing adversity, i.e., surviving! Both service-oriented (60%) and manufacturing-oriented (40%) operations will be investigated using the analysis of real life situations as the vehicle for gaining an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurial operations.

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