Career Paths and Elective Course Recommendations

Electives constitute approximately 50% of the Full-time MBA curriculum and 38% of the FEMBA curriculum and offer students many choices and flexibility in pursuing a management specialization. Students customize the curriculum to meet their career interests and goals and are being encouraged to take courses from a variety of disciplines. In order to assist students in choosing electives, we have created an overview of electives recommended for students interested in a particular career path.

These career paths are just one source of advice in choosing electives, we encourage you to consider other sources of advice as well - including faculty, classmates, recruiters, and alumni. The career paths and specializations are as follows:

Career Path Specialization
Consulting General Management
Technology Management Technology Leader (Moving Up)

Technology Entrepreneur (Moving Out)

Switcher into Technology (Moving In)

Finance Investment Banking/Investment Management
Corporate Finance
Venture Capital & Private Equity
Marketing Brand Management
High Tech
Management General
Technology Management
Real Estate
Entertainment and Media Management

Please click on the career path/specialization to view the recommended electives.

These career paths and recommendations will be updated as our course offerings change and the marketplace evolves.