Thought Leadership

Faculty Research


Suzanne Shu
How many positive claims does it take to successfully sell a product or service?

Research by assistant professor Suzanne Shu shows that the magic number of claims to achieve persuasion is three.
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Keith Chen
Can language dictate our spending behavior?

Associate Professor Keith Chen believes there’s a strong correlation between our ability to save and the way our native language makes us think about the present and the future.
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Corinne Bendersky
Who should you hire – the extrovert or the neurotic?

The optimal choice may be surprising. Research from Anderson professor Corinne Bendersky shatters stereotypes about the performance of extroverts and neurotics in teams.
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Faculty Book Shelf
Story Telling in Business
Award-winning author Janis Forman discusses how the craft of storytelling can help achieve professional goals.
Engineering Happiness
Manel Baucells and Rakesh Sarin distill their provocative research on happiness into a guide to help understand and attain a more joyful life.
Real Influence
Mark Goulston and John Ullmen reveal a new model for authentic influence, suggesting that a direct approach means winning for all.
Ageism at Work
Robert McCann examines the intersection of intergenerational tension and success at the workplace.