Letter from the Dean

Charting a New Course


Dean Judy OlianDear Friends,

Los Angeles is a point of convergence where our lives come together around the UCLA Anderson experience.  L.A. changes us, and we are 're-launched' with a different world view emanating from the palpable energy of new ideas, new businesses, new relationships, new connections, and the breathtakingly varied communities that thrive in our city.  

But it's more than that. Los Angeles -- recently ranked as the nation's second most entrepreneurial city -- evokes a mindset rooted in freedom, and a confidence that all things are possible.  That's why there is so much that is "new" in L.A.  And, whether we choose to stay in Southern California or head out to other destinations, we take that freedom and confidence in what's possible everywhere we go.  

This new issue of Assets Digital celebrates L.A., personal journeys, and the free spirit of UCLA Anderson all over the planet - and even in the solar system.  

Summers McKay ('12) takes us on a California road trip, visiting a variety of hospitality, food and beverage ventures spawned, owned or operated by members of the Anderson community, including the Camellia Inn in Healdsburg, Soliste Cellars in Santa Rosa, The Corner Store in San Francisco and Golden Road Brewing in Los Angeles. We also follow the lessons learned by a pair of alumni who took sabbaticals and time to introspect about their life journeys, and we meet the graduates who landed the Mars rover on the Red Planet. Finally, we share a personal conversation with Giora Romm ('82), an Israeli military hero and ex-POW who now heads the country's Civil Aviation Authority.  

Each of our journeys is different, and highly personal. Hoping this issue's stories prompt some fond memories of your time in L.A. and at Anderson, and spur you to take off on the next significant phase of your journey.  ."

Judy D. Olian