ASAM Faculty Advisor

Robert GeskeRobert Geske was formerly the CEO and Founding Principal of both LOR/Geske Bock Associates and LORGB Investment Advisors. He was also a partner at Houlihan Lokey Howard and Zukin (HLHZ). Professor Geske also has experience in the design, hardening and testing of Lockheed missile guidance systems.

Appointed to the faculty in 1977, he has published numerous articles on the subjects of option pricing, bond valuation, volatility estimation, interest rate risk, default risk, the stock market and inflation in financial economic journals. He has consulted for a number of public and private clients, including the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) at Johns Hopkins University, the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the New York and American Stock Exchanges, the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, numerous commercial and investment banking institutions, and has served on several corporate boards. Professor Geske has received research grants from the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance at Columbia University, and the Huebner Foundation for Insurance Research at Wharton. He has been a recipient of a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship and a Fulbright Fellowship.