Student Portfolio Managers

Student Portfolio Managers

The student managers are students officially enrolled in the "Fieldwork in Investment Management" class (Management 457). During their tenure with the fund, the student managers execute a demanding agenda as they tackle asset allocation, investment strategy, security analysis, and organizational and group dynamics issues. They prepare and present proposed investment ideas to the class as a whole and positions are taken only after a consensus is achieved. Student course grades are based on their formal reports, presentations, class participation, as well as portfolio performance relative to the benchmark.

Each year, in January, up to 20 students are selected to become student-managers of ASAM and act as portfolio managers during the 5-quarter period starting in the spring quarter of that year. The new class overlaps with the departing class during the spring to ensure continuity of the fund's management and to enhance the learning experience of the newly selected members. The student-managers work closely with the faculty advisor in fulfilling all the responsibilities of managing the portfolio, including the development of investment policies, analysis of capital market conditions, security analysis, rebalancing of existing asset positions, performance analysis, and performance attribution. The student-managers report periodically to an oversight committee.

The students are aided in their research and deliberations by their faculty advisor, as well as outside "investment advisors." These investment advisors are typically distinguished members of the investment and academic community that are important supporters of the Anderson school. The advisors offer resources and feedback in the investment process. In addition, investment advisors may be invited to attend formal class presentations.

Students are expected to present a technical analysis of the Fund's performance on a quarterly basis to the oversight committee. Student managers are expected to prepare a formal annual report on the performance of the fund and to present this report to the UCLA foundation at an annual meeting.

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