Class Notes Guidelines

Thank you for submitting news and an update on your classmates' activities. Providing updates helps to maintain connections between members of the UCLA Anderson family, and we are grateful for your efforts.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when preparing class notes. While we do our best to publish your class notes as written, there maybe a need to edit for various issues, including space limitations, appropriate language and style, repetition of content etc. However, being aware of some common concerns can help avoid disappointment, so we would very much appreciate your help with the following:

    • It is now acceptable to include announcements of engagements or pregnancies, provided the information is received directly from the source (see bullet point below).
    • Never submit notes on "hearsay" from a third party without contacting the subject of the note and checking the facts. The best notes come directly from the source.
    • It is advisable to be particularly sensitive when using humor in class notes text. Be sure you know the classmate(s) well enough to be certain of how jokes will be perceived by the subject(s).
    • Use only lifetime UCLA Anderson e-mail addresses for contact purposes.
    • Include only short web site addresses.
    • It is helpful to format classmate's names in bold type and identify those from another class with their class designation in parentheses following their name.

Unfortunately, many of the photos we receive are not useable, because the resolution is too low. The following should help ensure that photos are included (provided there is space available):

    • Photos should be no less that 300 DPI. Digital camera shots need to be taken on the high resolution setting and saved as an image of at least four inches square, preferably larger.
    • Acceptable formats are: JPG, TIF or EPS.
    • Give the photo document a descriptive title with the name(s) of at least the key person or people pictured in it.
    • Send photos only as attachments, not embedded in the body of the main document that contains the text of the class notes.
    • Always provide captions for each photo at the end of the document with the class notes text. They can be as simple as the name(s) of those pictured in the photo.
    • Photos of children must also include the parent alum.