Malik Ducard (‘00)

Malik Ducard ('00) Helping Content Creators Tell Their Stories on YouTube 

Entertainment executive Malik Ducard (‘00) is utilizing his studio experience at Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM to build impressions and viewership on YouTube’s billion-user platform. His position as Director of Content Partnerships at Google provides Malik the opportunity to explore the vast world of digital content, with the goal of bringing that content on board. Whether the content comes from multi-billion dollar studios, or next generation producers, Malik is eager and willing to make that connection, with the goal of adding to the 6 billion hours of video watched on YouTube every month.

Malik, who is originally from the Bronx, moved out to Los Angeles to attend UCLA Anderson - the warm weather and entertainment industry have kept him captivated since. His career prior to UCLA Anderson was in advertising, where he enjoyed the aspect of ‘story-telling’. That ‘story-telling’ experience, something he has loved since grade school, sparked his interest in media. But before he made that leap to the world of entertainment, he applied to UCLA Anderson, with a desire to better understand the ‘business of business’. While at UCLA Anderson, he found that the quantitative elements of his classes intrigued him. In fact, one project he particularly enjoyed combined his interest in entertainment with quantitative analysis. He and fellow classmate Clifton Tibbetts took great pride in a multi-faceted regression model of box office sales they created, which would prove to be an indication of both Malik and Clifton’s future career path.

As one might expect, every day brings something new in the world of digital content. In fact, every minute nearly 100 minutes of new content are uploaded to YouTube. Malik’s challenge is to help his content partners optimize the content they have created, helping them shape out their brands and build a presence on YouTube. The fan base potential on YouTube grows by the day- with the largest channel boasting nearly 20 million subscribers. The digital content space is one that intersects creativity and technology, providing for an exciting and unique opportunity for business. This opportunity requires Malik and his team to keep an open mind, and to embrace innovation.

In an industry that changes by the minute, on a platform that provides limitless possibilities, Malik Ducard has been successful in finding a way to utilize his UCLA Anderson education and professional experience. Content creators are fortunate to have a partner that understands their desire to tell a story to billions, while optimizing their business possibilities.

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