Paul Diamond ('01)

Paul Diamond began his career designing fashion jewelry for Gerard Yosca in New York City. He moved to San Francisco to become a brand manager at The Gap. After two years at the Gap, he planned a two month trip to eastern Europe that later turned into a year-long journey living in a small, fishing village on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. While in Turkey, he established a consulting program that worked with local businesses to help them develop and grow their companies.

Paul joined Lodis Accessories in 2004 as Executive Vice President. Within 6 months, he negotiated the purchase of the business with the backing of New York-based private equity firm, Kinderhook Industries.

Paul is married to Susan Diamond and has two children, Ella, age 12 and Jeremy, age 8. He has a BA in fine art and art history from Colby College and an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA.