Alumni E-Mail Lists

Alumni E-mail Listservs
These self-subscribing and unsubscribing e-mail lists allow you to contact alumni in a particular region, class year, degree program and/or special interest group. Below are instructions for subscribing, sending messages to and unsubscribing from the various e-mail lists.

Subscribe to an E-mail Listserv
Click here to begin subscribing for one or more email lists and follow the directions below.

1) You will be prompted to login once you click the above link.

Your UserID is your full name, separated by a space. For example, joseph bruin
Your password is the last four digits of your social security number

2) Read over the Usage Agreement and click I Agree.

3) You will now see a page of all the email lists we offer. To subscribe to a list, select a button under "daily digest" or "individual emails" next to the list you want to join. To unsubscribe from a list, select the unsubscribe button.

Daily Digest - You receive one consolidated email for all activity in a single day
Individual Emails - You receive each individual email as they are sent
Unsubscribe - Unsubscribe your current preferred email address from the email list

4) Click the Submit button to confirm your selections.

5) You will see a confirmation page that describes in detail which lists you subscribed or unsubscribed from.

6) You are now finished and may shortly begin receiving from and sending messages to the email lists you subscribed to.

Note: Any changes made to the preferred email address may require up to two days to take effect. Please contact us if your changes haven't taken effect after two days.

Sending Messages to a Listserv
Before sending to a listserv, please read the E-mail List Usage Guidelines.

In order for your messages to get posted to an e-mail list, you must send them from the address from which you subscribed.

To write to a list, address the message as follows: [listname]
(ex. )

A subject is required for the message to be sent.