Eleanor Brewer ('86)

The 2008 Outstanding Alumni Service Award Winner

Eleanor BrewerEleanor Brewer ('86), served as Vice President of Research & Development for St. Joseph Health System from 1983 till her retirement in 2001. While at the System, Brewer developed and implemented a research and development function. Under her guidance, R & D conducted health services and clinical research relevant to health promotion, the prevention and effective treatment of diseases, and the quality, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness of health care services in collaboration with St. Joseph Health System entities and business partners. It implemented these innovations for both the insured and the medically poor in St. Joseph Health System service communities. In addition, Brewer's R & D conducted on-going patient satisfaction surveys and annual employee satisfaction, physician satisfaction and Board of Trustee self-evaluation surveys.

Prior to her tenure at St. Joseph, Brewer held the post of Senior Vice-President at The Health Plan of America, a health maintenance organization owned by the St. Joseph Health System. At the Health Plan, Brewer managed customer services to the 120,000 health plan members and their employers, in addition to the functions of human resources, facilities, corporate communications, legal and government relations. Among her accomplishments there were relocating the corporate headquarters from Northern California to Southern California, managing the phase out of the Medicare risk contract with federal, state and local officials, the public, and the press, obtaining federal qualification for the health plan, computerizing and upgrading the customer and employer service areas and developing benefit plan documents for sales and service.

Ms. Brewer is an ex-president of Alumni Associations of the University of California.