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Richard Chase | "Inspirational 100" Alumnus


Richard Chase, BA 1962, MBA 1963, PhD 1966
Considered the Founder of Service Operations Management

Richard ChaseWidely regarded as a founder of the service operations management field, Chase contributed to the improved understanding and practice in design, operation, and management of service delivery during a 45-year career as a faculty member at UCLA, Harvard Business School, Penn State, the University of Arizona , IMD in Switzerland, and USC. His book Operations & Supply Chain Management, co-authored with Nick  Aquilano (UCLA PhD 1968), and now Robert Jacobs first published in 1973, is in its 13th edition, and Chase's 1978 Harvard Business Review article "Where does the customer fit in a service operation?" is one of the most widely cited articles in the service management literature.  In 1990 he offered a money back service guarantee for his USC service operations course, which is considered a first for any MBA course.

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