Kathy Magliato

Kathy Magliato | "Inspirational 100" Alumna


Kathy Magliato, EMBA 2006
Fights Heart Disease For the Medically Underserved

Kathy MagliatoOne of the world's few female heart transplant surgeons, Magliato, Director of Women's Cardiac Services at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., has made it her business to help more than just the patients who come across her operating table. In her memoir,  HEART MATTERS (Random House, January 2011), she educates women about the dangers of heart disease, mindful of how many are unaware that it is the #1 cause of death among women. At Saint John's, Magliato is developing a Multidisciplinary Women's Health Center to address the cardiac needs of female patients who are typically under-diagnosed and under-treated. She is also assisting the medically underserved population of Guam, where heart disease is rampant, through her nonprofit, The World Medical Care Mission, which flies patients to the mainland for treatment.

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