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Guillermo Tagle | "Inspirational 100" Alumnus


Guillermo Tagle, MBA 1991
Financial Thought Leader in Chile

Guillermo TagleA major figure in Chile's Financial Community, Mr. Tagle is currently CEO & Partner at IM Trust, a domestic leading Investment Bank based in Santiago, providing financial services with main focus in Chile, Peru and Colombia.

After Graduating from UCLA, where he went with a Scholarship from Universidad Catolica de Chile, he worked as a full time professor of Chile's leading Business School in the Accounting and Finance area.  After 14 years at Universidad Catolica, joined Santander - the main Spanish Bank- to be part of the group that created and promote Santander Investment, which by then became one of the most relevant Investment Banks in Chile.  In 2006 joined IM Trust as CEO and then as a Partner in 2007, to lead its expansion in Chile and the Region.

Guillermo is currently Board Member at Chile's Electronic Stock Exchange, Board member at the Central Depositary System. Is currently Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Finance Minister on Capital Market issues.  Board Member of ICARE  (a relevant NGO of Chile's Entrepreneurial Sector). Chairman of the Chile Chapter of UCLA Alumnae for at least 15 years.  Finally, and most relevant, married with Veronica father of 8 kids, the two eldest where born at UCLA Medical Center while was completing the MBA Program.