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Guillermo Penalosa | "Inspirational 100" Alumnus


Gil (Guillermo) Penalosa, MBA 1984
Opened 50-miles of Car-Free Roads For 1.3 Million To Enjoy

Guillermo PenalosaAs commissioner of parks, sport, and recreation for the City of Bogotá, Colombia, Penalosa led a team that designed and built more than 200 parks and opened 50-plus miles of car-free city roads for more than 1.3 million people to use on Sundays for walking, running, skating, and biking. He also established the annual Summer Festival, which has become the country's main recreational event, with more than 100 events in 10 days. Penalosa continues to be an advocate for more walkable and human-friendly cities in his current position as executive director of the Canada-based nonprofit 8 - 80 Cities. A world sought-after speaker and livable city advisor, he makes a compelling case for the importance of creating cities for people, which improve public health and quality of life for all, and while advancing economic development.

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