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Alex Hofmann | "Inspirational 100" Alumnus


Alex Hofmann, FEMBA 2003
Connecting Social & Environmental Change Agents, Socially-Conscious Consumers and Good Corporate Citizen Companies

Alex HofmannHofmann is co-founder of Changents, an innovative, for-profit venture that creates mutually-beneficial relationships between Change Agents, Fortune 1000 companies and youthful consumers with whom companies are seeking to forge "values-based" relationships.  An early career as a concert tour manager for rock stars like Radiohead, and more recently a senior role in digital business development at PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), prompted Hofmann to plant a flag at the confluence of entertainment, Internet-based social networking and social purpose. With hundreds of Change Agents worldwide telling their ongoing stories on Changents.com, the company has successfully pioneered a new model for social purpose marketing programs with partners like Procter & Gamble and Timberland.

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