06.09.11 San Diego Qualcomm Alumni Event

Nearly 50 UCLA Anderson alumni and friends gathered at Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego on June 9, 2011 to hear from alumni that work at Qualcomm. Professor George Geis '81 held a conversation with Mark Jerger ' 94 and Cherry Park ' 04 about their experiences at Qualcomm, and proposed intriguing questions about the importance of partnerships, acquisitions in the tablet market, and whether sub brands can have pull in this industry.

Mark , who started off in the PhD program, was convinced by Eric Mokover to transition to the MBA program, focusing on International Business. Mark also attended UCLA for his undergraduate education, and was a member of the UCLA Track and Field team. Mark's career has taken him to China and Japan, before landing in San Diego. His focus at Qualcomm is to figure out ways in which the company can work with their partners to grow the entire 'wireless pie' while remaining 'operating system agnostic'. His group manages product initiatives that are created to accelerate business with their partners. As Mark noted, "Sometimes you have to go farther in the development process, creating the hardware, and setting up an entire ecosystem for partners to envision chip adoption".

Cherry's career with Qualcomm began when this 'new' concept of the world wide web became prominent, so she taught herself HTML and moved down to San Diego.  When the company needed someone to figure out how the web might be used for marketing purposes, Cherry , also a UCLA undergraduate, was up for the challenge, and began experimenting with different marketing tools and looking at how the company could use new technology to position itself with its key audiences.  Flash-forward to today where social media has made a huge impact on how we communicate and make purchase decisions.  She mentionedwhen a technology company gets involved in social media, it is important that there be an open dialogue and the conversation is authentic. But it  is equally important to have a crisis plan in place.  Qualcomm currently has approximately 11,000 Facebook followers and 35,000 Twitter followers.

Attendees encompassed the years from 1970 to 2013. They completed the evening connecting with old friends, making new ones, and enjoying the food and drink.

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