Think Fearlessly


Our students, alumni and faculty are fearless in thinking about opportunity and innovation — in experimenting and discovering, in being a little nonconformist.

Our faculty has developed game-changing initiatives to help workers save more for retirement, to transform K–12 education management and to alleviate global poverty in ingenious ways that bring the poorest members of society into the financial system. They infuse Anderson’s classrooms with analytical rigor and bold thinking, challenging students to reframe their reference points.

Our Stories

Lindsay Shaffer ('15)

“Anderson has opened my heart and mind to even bigger dreams,” says Lindsay Shaffer, who fearlessly pursued her goal of working for Nike in Los Angeles.
Jeff Chang
Jeff Chang ('12), radiologist, MBA and entrepreneur, says, “Regardless of your past, figure out where the future will be, and go build it.”
Martine Rothblatt
A pioneer in multiple fields, Martine Rothblatt ('81) revolutionized an industry when she sought a cure for her daughter’s life-threatening illness.
Ali Kermani '09
Ali Kermani ('09), founder of Crazy Cart and vice president of Digital Media, Razor USA.
Marshall Goldsmith ('77)
Marshall Goldsmith ('77) named one of the most influential business thinkers.
UAV-IQ founder Andreas Neuman
Andreas Neuman's ('14) new startup defines precision agriculture.



“Thinking fearlessly is the freedom to think aloud, to think without judgment. It’s the exploration that allows you to go into areas you couldn’t go into in the real world—the academic version of cave diving.”

Bhagwan Chowdhry
Professor of Finance

Bhagwan Chowdhry
Edward Leamer

“We at Anderson are fortunate to have the freedom to choose our own paths and pursuits. It is through a combination of independent exploration and collaborative challenge that Anderson breaks new ground.”

Edward Leamer
UCLA Anderson Forecast Director; Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management;
Professor of Economics and Statistics



Think Fearlessly