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When you collaborate to win, you share success.
This ethic is at the very core of UCLA Anderson’s character.

Those who study and work in our community quickly realize that we are different. The elbow-pushing, cutthroat competitiveness, ruthlessness, and need for an obvious winner — that’s not how we act with each other, not the way we define leadership. Success at Anderson is the product and the pride of collaborative effort.

Our Stories

Three Generations of Giving

In December 2005, Brian Farrell (’78) presented his parents with a special holiday gift, honoring them
Jeff Chang
When NASA’s Curiosity rover touched down safely on the surface of Mars, it represented the culmination of eight years of teamwork among six Anderson alumni.
Martine Rothblatt
The recipients of the 2014 John Wooden Fellowships, distinguished by their inclusive leadership, exemplify Coach Wooden’s integrity and team spirit.
Ali Kermani '09
A close relationship with Amazon presents internship opportunities that prove Anderson students’ spirit of collaboration.
Marshall Goldsmith ('77)
Students team up and compete with other business schools to raise funds for charity.
Anderson Team wins $75 marketing case competition
UCLA grad students win NAIOP SoCal Real Estate Challenge's coveted Silver Shovel.



“I was very lucky to come to UCLA on a scholarship, and I’ve never forgotten that. The lessons and values I learned while attending UCLA shaped my thinking throughout my business and community life and helped build my business reputation.”

John E. Anderson
UCLA Anderson School of Management Namesake
(1917 - 2011)

John E. Anderson
Rob Weiler ('91)

“As an alumnus, I always stayed connected to Anderson, but when I made the decision to join the staff, I felt as though I would be doing what I was supposed to be doing. Students know that I am here because I WANT to be here and that we are in this together.”

Rob Weiler ('91)
Associate Dean, Full-Time MBA Program



Share Success