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Women’s Leadership Development at UCLA Anderson Executive Education

Transforming Careers and Evolving Corporate Culture Since 1999

In 1998, UCLA Anderson was the first business school in the world to launch a suite of institutes designed to develop the leadership capabilities of diverse managers and enhance their career trajectories. Inaugurated in 1999, the UCLA Women’s Leadership Institute offered its participants a safe space in which to learn how to navigate the often informal and gender biased pathways leading to corporate advancement while better utilizing their own unique attributes as leaders.

Since that time, as approaches to diversity and executive education have shifted, the program has evolved to meet the needs of our client organizations and participants. Initially offered solely on campus within the span of a week, the program is now a five month blended learning experience with online coaching, leadership assessments and ample scope for self-reflection along the way.

While the program remains a regularly calendared open enrollment opportunity for individual managers, it is also in great demand as an organizational development solution for global corporations such as Citi and Amgen. So, when Banco Santander was looking for a partner to launch a range of leadership development opportunities for women, it was only natural that it would choose UCLA Anderson Executive Education.

Since 2010, Santander and UCLA Anderson have collaborated to design and deliver a suite of programming, including the W30 and W50 programs, targeted at women at different points in their career cycles. The result: broadly capable, forward thinking female leaders better able to advance their careers and deliver organizational value.