Fark Tari

Fark TariFark Tari (’15)
Principal and Director of Finance, Alpha Investing

I’m responsible for managing all elements of accounting and corporate finance for the company. However, as a founder and principal at the firm, my responsibilities are wide-ranging —strategy, operations, sales, investor relations. Building a company from the ground up has taught me how to simultaneously manage dozens of very different initiatives and tasks.

What is the most important skill we should be teaching our students today?

In almost any position, one needs to know how to negotiate a good outcome for oneself, while simultaneously understanding and accounting for the perspectives and desired outcomes of others. I have found that this skill is often overlooked within business school curricula, and I certainly feel that more emphasis should be placed on it.

What’s the one change you’d like to see happen in business today?

Businesses, particularly major corporations, have an enormous amount of power and have the capacity to fundamentally change the lives of people — for the better, but also for the worse. I would love to see a much greater emphasis on broadly but fairly applying the triple bottom line framework to all companies of a minimum scale so that people can be better informed on the implications (both positive and negative) that individual businesses create within society.

What’s your one-sentence definition of success?

Success comes when one determines the things in life that bring contentment and is blessed enough to devote one’s energy to those things.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten?

We will face a myriad of important choices throughout our careers. We should consider such choices carefully, but once we have made an important choice, we shouldn’t persistently dwell on whether it was the right choice or not. Rather, we should devote our energy to ensuring that we achieve the right outcome for ourselves within the context of any choice we ultimately make.

What are the lessons you have learned from being a person of color in leadership?



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