Danielle McIntosh

Danielle Macintosh Danielle McIntosh ('14)
Senior Partnership Manager, Hulu,

I negotiate partnerships with major television networks, MVPDs and wireless carriers for Hulu’s SVOD and virtual MVPD service.

What is the most important skill we should be teaching our students today?

In the office, jobs and their functions may change, but to be successful it’s important to learn how to effectively connect, lead and manage people.

What’s the one change you’d like to see happen in business today?

I’d like to see the boardrooms and C-level suites of major brands to reflect the diversity that’s exemplified in their customer base.

What’s your one-sentence definition of success?

Being prepared and flexible as opportunities arise.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve ever gotten?

Think bigger than what's in front of you.

What are the lessons you have learned from being a person of color in leadership?

Not being afraid of or intimidated by being the first and/or only person of color in a decision-making role — and not squandering that opportunity for others that will follow your path.


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