New Head of FEMBA

Margaret Shih - Senior Associate Dean, FEMBA

The positive trajectory of the FEMBA program will continue under Professor Margaret Shih’s leadership. Margaret received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Harvard in 2000. She joined Anderson’s Management and Organization (M & O) area in 2007 from the University of Michigan’s Department of Psychology. Margaret is a leading expert on the effects of diversity in organizations with a particular focus on social identity and the psychological effects of stereotypes, prejudice, identity, and stigma in organizations. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship, and her research has been funded by numerous granting agencies including the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Mental Health. Margaret serves as chair of the M & O area, and has taught courses that are popular among FEMBA students. I greatly look forward to partnering with Margaret, who brings tremendous academic talents and excitement to her new role.
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