Professional> Travel and Hospitality Association (THA)

The Travel and Hospitality Association helps students prepare to be leaders in the travel and hospitality industry. The organization enhances the industry’s awareness of the talent at Anderson and their interest in the industry, while providing a forum for students to share experiences and learn more about industry trends.


THA Officers


Morgan Dawer


Sophia Nguy

VP of Corporate Outreach

Edward Duess

VP of Corporate Outreach

Phillip Dugaw

VP of Education

Neil Doshi

VP of Finance

James Hinckley

VP of Tech

Andrew Jancaric

VP of Admissions and Alumni



Guest Speaker Series

Hear what today’s leaders and executives in the travel and hospitality industry have to say about their field. Be inspired by how they view the world and learn from their success stories.

Days on the Job

We visit companies around L.A. in the airline, hospitality, restaurant, technology, and cruise industries. Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the core of operations for some of the most cutting-edge travel companies.

Dinner for Eight (D48)

Sit down for a small group dinner with an Anderson alum, executive, or venture founder. Get to know a leader in the industry and have a meaningful conversation with a small group of your peers.

Industry Workshops

Learn from second-year students, alumni, and industry professionals. THA hosts two series called Hotel 101 and Airline 101, aiming to educate members on the jargon, strategies, and tricks of the trade.

MBA Vegas Trek

Join fellow MBA students from around the country to converge on Las Vegas for an experiential education on the casino industry. The trip also appeals to students with career aspirations in non-gaming hospitality, travel, tourism, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as related functions in finance, consulting, and real estate.