Professional> Anderson Tech Business Association (AnderTech)

The Anderson Tech Business Association is the gateway to the tech industry for MBA students at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. AnderTech enables its members to launch or advance their careers in the tech industry or in other industries that utilize tech by providing educational programming, networking opportunities and career development.


AnderTech Officers


Aubrey Rho


Lindsey Cash

VP of Marketing and Communications

Angela Chau

VP of Marketing and Communications

Giselle Gorsky

VP of Prospective Students

Erin Riddle

VP of Alumni Relations

Kevin Ng

VP of Finance and Membership

Varun Chalupadi

VP of External Relations

Ankita Pant

VP of External Relations

Shu He

VP of Executive Operations

Manish Kumar

VP of Education and Career Development

Zach Kozberg

VP of Education and Career Development

Adrienne Chang

VP of Silicon Valley Tech Trek

Blake Rauba

VP of Silicon Valley Tech Trek

Justin Bailey

VP of Seattle Tech Trek

Tim Norman

VP of Seattle Tech Trek

Leigh Alcott

VP of Startups/L.A. Tech Treks

Ella Foux

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Caitlin Kim

VP of FEMBA/EMBA Relations

Yvonne Chan

VP of International Student Relations

Melody Akbari

VP of Interview Prep Team

Landon Medlock

VP of Interview Prep Team

Alina Karimova

VP of Interview Prep Team

Tom Burdakin

VP of Easton Center

Sid Mohan

VP of New Initiatives

Dan Pariseau

VP of New Initiatives



AnderTech Exclusive Events

AnderTech 101: Information Session

This is a mandatory event held at the beginning of the fall quarter to introduce new members to AnderTech. The event is an overview of the club that includes an explanation of leadership roles and how to get involved, club rules and upcoming events.

AnderTech 102: Recruiting and Etiquette

This follow-up event to AnderTech 101 dives into the club’s etiquette expectations and recruiting process. The event covers accountability procedures as well as tech recruiting statistics, and outlines the Interview Prep Team (IPT) program and the various resources available through AnderTech. The event is followed by a Kickoff Mixer for the entire membership and features a keynote speaker.

Career Night

Career Night takes place midway through the fall quarter and is AnderTech’s largest recruiting event of the year. Practitioners from a wide range of tech companies join current students seeking internships and full-time placements in a roundtable forum to discuss professional opportunities at their companies and to answer questions about their experiences in the tech industry. The event begins with a cocktail hour mixer and is followed by a keynote speaker and roundtable rotations.

Interview Prep Team (IPT)

The AnderTech IPT aims to prepare members to successfully interview for internships and full-time positions within the tech industry. The program includes three high-level workshops that outline strategies, frameworks and sample questions specific to tech interviews, and is followed by small group sessions throughout the fall and winter quarters, in which members get focused, guided practice with a second-year, full-time student coach.

Case Competitions

AnderTech offers the opportunity to its members to participate in case competitions sponsored by companies within the tech industry. Past sponsors include Amazon, Microsoft, AT&T, T-Mobile and others. Students form small teams to deliver a recommendation to resolve a specific prompt provided by the company facing a business challenge. These competitions provide a chance for students to apply their business prowess in a hands-on forum and to network with practitioners and recruiters from the sponsoring companies.

Tech Treks

AnderTech hosts Tech Treks throughout the country during the school year. A trek involves a group visit to a technology company, mature or growth, to learn more about the business and potential opportunities there. Students may be looking to learn more about internships or full-time employment opportunities or to better understand a particular business or sector. The Tech Treks are focused on the three major tech hubs: Silicon Valley, Seattle and L.A. (Silicon Beach). The Silicon Valley and Seattle treks are geared toward first-year, full-time members and take place during “Days on the Job” (DOJ) week in the fall quarter. The L.A. treks take place on select Fridays throughout the year.

Dinners for Eight (D48s)

D48s provide members with the opportunity to interact with Anderson alumni in a small group setting, often hosted off-campus. Eight members spend an evening with an alumnus or alumna over dinner to learn about his or her experience in the tech industry since graduating from Anderson.

Brown Bag Skill-Building Lunches

These sessions leverage the wide range of skills and broad expertise found within the AnderTech membership to host skill-building workshops, including SQL, spreadsheets, R, Tableau, Agile project management, etc.

Easton Collaboration

AnderTech collaborates with the Easton Center for Technology Management on the annual Big Data Conference and CES at Anderson, as well as on educational workshops, speaker series and more.

Cross-Club Events

Data Science Workshops (with Strategy & Operations Management Association)

Video Game 101 (with Entertainment Management Association)

Careers in Marketing (with Marketing Association)

Mock Interview Day (with Marketing Association)

Evolve Conference (with Retail Business Association)

CrEAte Conference (with Entrepreneur Association)

VR Panel (with Entertainment Management Association)