Interest> Anderson Eats (AE)

Anderson Eats promotes bonding over the rich culinary experiences that Los Angeles has to offer, from the west side to downtown. Through outings to explore new cuisines, sharing recommendations, and learning new cooking skills with classmates, Anderson Eats enriches both palates and camaraderie.


AE Officers


Udit Chaudhry


Courtney Taira


Bahman Mirzaee

VP of Education

Prae Wettayavetin

VP of Cheap Eats

Karleen Phu

VP of Pop-Ups

Aadit Parikh

VP of Partnerships

Adil Minocherhomjee

VP of FEMBA Relations





Think you’re the best chef at Anderson? Willing to step up and prove it? The club chooses a theme, contestants don their chef’s hats and throw together their best dish, which gets judged by a panel of Anderson’s favorite staff and faculty! Winners are scrumptiously rewarded.


Every once in a while, we’ll bring food – everything from cookies to burritos to Chick-Fil-A sandwiches – to campus and hand it out for free… because we love you!

Cooking Classes

We have a partnership with Sur la Table in Westwood, where we bring you a unique, subsidized cooking class every quarter. Past classes have included International Street Food and Chocolate Desserts!

Inter-club Events

Anderson Eats partners with several clubs to bring the joy of food to everyone in the community. Over the past year, our joint events have included private chef night with the Anderson Wine Club, a s’mores and beer bonfire with the Outdoor Adventures Club, and a Cupcake and Macaron Walking Tour with the Women’s Business Connection.