Interest> Anderson Creative (AC)

“I don’t even have any good skills. You know, like nunchuck skills, bow-hunting skills, computer-hacking skills. Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills!” — Napoleon Dynamite

Replace “girls” with employers and “boyfriends” with candidates and you’ve now entered the world of today’s competitive job market. This is where Anderson Creative comes in. We’re a community focused on developing and highlighting the talents that make our classmates here at Anderson special. We host an annual talent show and other events throughout the school year to give students the opportunity to exhibit their talents while also raising money for charity through C4C.

Whether you’ve grown up breakin’ in the Boogie Down Bronx or you dance like a 5-year-old at a Yo Gabba Gabba! concert, this is the club for you!


AC Officers


Alan Lan


Betty Sheu


Cherry Law

VP of Events and Marketing

Kathryn Li

VP of Events and Finance

Colin FX Garstka

VP of FEMBA Relations

Oumar Toure

VP of Dance

Yvonne Chan

VP of Dance

Michael Amouyal

VP of Improv

Andrew Mahlmann

VP of Improv

Doug Saylor

VP of Digital Operations

Stephen Zhu

VP of Digital Operations

Matt Mueller

VP of Band



  1. Event Name: Anderson’s Got Talent Show
    Summary: Annual talent show showcasing Anderson students’ talent
    Date: Tuesday, April 10, 2018
    Estimated attendance: 150
    Estimated Number of Performers: 10-15
    Planned or desired corporate sponsors: N/A
  2. Event Name: C4C Band, Dance and Cheer competitions
    Summary: Create and support cheer and dance for C4C
    Date: Mid-April 2018
    Estimated attendance: 150 from UCLA Anderson
    Estimated Number of Performers: 20-30
    Planned or desired corporate sponsors: N/A
  3. Event Name: Intercollegiate Dance Competition (name will be updated)
    Date: Friday, May 11, 2018
    Estimated attendance: 100
    Estimated Number of Performers: 15-20
    Planned or desired corporate sponsors: N/A
  4. (Ongoing) Open mike afternoons at Il Tram; perform at AA’s (1-2 times a quarter)
    - Will work with ASA to identify best AA performance opportunities, with 2-3 performers per session
  5. (Ongoing) Classes for various types of performance and art
    • a. Private music lessons
    • b. Dance lessons (studio reservation will be required)
    • c. Wine painting night (classroom reservation will be required)
    • d. Improv class (classroom reservation will be required)
    • e. Flower arrangement class (classroom reservation will be required)
  6. (Ongoing) AC Promotional Videos
    - Create music, dance and comedy videos to promote Anderson talent and culture
    - Collaborate with other clubs to make entertaining Videos
    - 1-2 projects per quarter