Interest> Anderson Craft Beer Club (ACBC)

The Anderson Craft Beer Club aims to cultivate an elevated appreciation for the art and business of beer among the Anderson student body. We strive to provide personal and professional fulfillment to club members through on and off-campus lessons, tastings, and networking opportunities that focus on all facets of the beer industry.


ACBC Officers


Andrew Jancaric

Co-President - Barack Hopbama

Peter Winter

Co-President - Hoptimus Prime

Bahman Mirzaee

VP of Finance - Ben Beernanke

Ben Silver

VP of Brewing/Education - Ice Cream Hopsicle

Miguel Patino

VP of Brewing/Education

John Buckley

VP of Brewery Relations - San Andreas Malt

Neha Gokhale

VP of Brewery Relations - Florence Nighting-Ale

Sofia Virani

VP of Marketing - Malt-N-Pepa

Geoff Sokolowski

VP of Logistics - Teddy Brewsevelt

Colin Meade

VP of Membership - Simón Beerivar

Will Berman

VP of Synergy - Scooby Brew

Diego Benitez

VP of FEMBA - Di(eg)onysus




Brewery Visits and Tastings

The club brings breweries to campus every quarter to discuss their brewing history, trends in the craft beer industry, and the business of brewing beer. Past breweries include The Bruery, Tenth & Blake, Golden Road, Golden Coast Mead, Firestone Walker and more.

Quarterly Homebrew Events

Each quarter, the ACBC brews its own specialty beer and holds an unveiling event, where we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Beer Smackdown

The ultimate beer taste-off! We choose a style of beer for tasting in a head-to-head, bracket-style playoff. Past smackdowns have included stouts and Belgians.

Annual Trip to San Diego

The flagship event of the year! The ACBC rents a bus to take members to San Diego, where we visit three craft breweries in a day of de-beerchary.